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Model  AYC-W6500
-Rosslare AYC-W6500 Biometric Convertible PIN & Prox Reader/Controller- biometric reader/controller- 500-users- Includes BioTraxTM configuration and online control software and an interface cable
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Rosslare AYC-W6500 Biometric Convertible PIN & Prox Reader/Controller


The sleek and compact design of Rosslare's new Convertible dual-application biometric reader/controller adds to its versatility and multi-faceted capabilities. The dual-application AYC-W6500 is a highly reliable biometric reader that aside from the traditional PIN code and proximity card reading, it also utilizes a fingerprint verification module that is second to none.  As a member of the Convertible family, it can convert into a secure 500-user access controller using the PS-15T or PS-25T Intelligent Secure Power Supply units (automatically recognized).  This unit utilizes an award-winning algorithm, which provides highly accurate fingerprint recognition, along with the options for PIN code or proximity card reading, for the ultimate ID verification security.  A host of additional standard Rosslare features round out the package, such as extra inputs, friendly setup menus, and straightforward configuration and management of the fingerprint database using easy to use PC software.


Reader Features

  • Programmable PIN transmission modes including options for key stream, binary, and parity
  • LED control input
  • Supports Wiegand 26-Bit, or Clock & Data transmission formats
  • Programmable PIN code length
  • Stores up to 500 dual fingerprint templates at 1.5 second maximum verification time
  • Built-in 125KHz proximity reader, Read range of up to 10cm (4")

Secured Controller Features

  • Capacity of 500 users
  • Programmable Auxiliary input mode ts
  • Programmable PIN code length, from 4 to 8 digits
  • Programmable lock strike release, siren, and alarm delay timers
  • Two user levels, User and Secure
  • Includes BioTraxTM configuration and online control software and an interface cable
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